About Us


We are proud to introduce ourselves as Gurudev Auto Industries.
A leading quality provider of automobile & Steering Column Bearings, Ball bearing, Engine valve, Cam shaft, Rocker ram & Quality Services.

Company of gurudev auto Industries

GAI is actively engaged in manufacturing of Steering Column Bearings for various makes & models of 2-Wheelers viz. Bajaj, Honda, Hero, Suzuki, TVS, Yamaha, Royal Enfield and adding more. There is a wide range of Steering Column Bearings, which are being supplied under the Registered Brand Name of “GRD”. The company slogan itself describing that the “GRD” brand products are the Examples of the Best and unbeatable in terms of Quality as well as overall Competitiveness including Price itself! “GRD” brand Steering Column Bearings are remarkably accepted throughout India. It’s a well-known brand and having presence across India.

Our vision

The outcome of GAI manufacturing process is extremely worthy as it is having the Example of Best Quality Products! All GAI products are passing-out from the stringent Quality Norms at every stage of production.

And, thus, producing the finest quality of Steering Column Bearings exactly as per the Customers’ requirement in terms of Raw Material Grade, Quantity, Quality, Price, and lastly the After Sales Services.

Our Mission

Our “GRD” brand Steering Column Bearings are quite Advantageous in compare to other brands that available in market. Want to know how? These are the reasons- We are using superior quality of Bearing Steel only.

The Steel Balls used by us are made of SAE 52100 Grade of Raw Material